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Mission Statement (with a small operational tangent)

The world is awash in disinformation. The intent of the disinformation is simple: the destruction of Christianity. By coming to an understanding of who Jesus of Nazareth is and what he taught, you can become aware of the disinformationand proactively protect yourself against those who would seek to control you.

This site advocates for love, truth, and liberty, in precisely that order. If you encounter content here that you do not believe to support those Three Values then kindly tell whoever sent you here. They can relay it to management, which also values online privacy very strongly. After all, anonymity is a vital liberty for the purpose of maintaining liberty! At some point in the development of this resource, management plans to create a Twitter account.

On specific language, contemporary and classical

One of the obvious mechanisms of control used in disinformation today is the shift in meanings of words. We call those who slay unborn children "pro-choice" as if the children had any choice in the matter. In so doing, we restore an ancient esoteric practice, the sacrifice of children to Molech.

One of the easiest and most modular lessons to teach is the lesson of the word. In so doing, we develop a shared vocabulary for later discussion.


"Grimory" is a neologism I coined. The thought goes like this:

In practice, the beliefs of the author constitute this grimory.


What is love? [Haddaway single plays softly in the background.]

The word "love" in English is very broad. There are 4 different words in Biblical Greek that translate to "love" in English, and 3 different words in Biblical Hebrew.

Greek: agape, philia, eros, storge. Hebrew: raya, ahava, dod

ἀγάπη (agape)

φαρμακεία (pharmakeia)